5th April 2017: ELEVEN MADISON PARK at NYC succeeds to OSTERIA FRANCESCANA at Modena at the first place in THE WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANT ranking.

11th October 2017: Pub THE BLACK SWAN at Oldstead, Yorkshire, UK ranked Best Restaurant in the world for TRIPADVISOR.

The aforementioned examples demonstrate what a restaurant needs to stand out. It needs more than to serve good food of course: it needs a great name or a great position; it is best to have both.

Personally, I have never been in either but surely I will do in the future; for sure, when abroad I am completely aware of Italian restaurants (for a bunch of good reasons I will be glad to explain in a next article), even if on the door there is a short, mustached, guy talking with hands calling me “CIAO BELLO!” Meanwhile, I mistrust definitively tourist-grabber restaurants displaying at the entrance menus full of food pictures.

During a journey abroad, for pleasure or for business purposes, wouldn’t it be better to rely on hidden restaurants attended by local people, or a brand-new restaurant just opened and managed by a young, talented, willing chef? The typical places you-know-you-go.

Or it might happen that your children fall asleep after a long day of walking, shopping and visits or you have to make orders in your notes, documents and business cards after an intense business day and your plans for dining out go away, so you have to choose to rely on the best food takeout to eat in the comfort of your hotel room.

In every case, how do you choose the best place to eat? How do you make your holidays as unforgettable and avoid sentence like “ Great place, awful food”?

Through technology, of course.

Since TripAdvisor was founded in 2000, we got ahead. To order your Thai chicken and get it delivered at your door or to discover who has the best hamburger in Geneva or even to book a table in a fancy restaurant in London, now there are have a wide choice of food apps and “smart-eats” for everyone and everywhere.


"The best food in the best restaurant wherever you are". A catchy motto for a total commitment to dining experience; not simply the European leader for online restaurant reservations, with 8’000 restaurants available in 23 countries, browsable per location, price level and cuisine type, but also a personal booking assistant and a feedback platform.

The best choice to play it safe.


A listing at Frankfurt stock exchange, a market value of about 5 bilions USD, a global presence in 40 countries with 30 brands, 150’000 restaurant partners and 171’000 orders processed in 2016 make Delivey Hero undoubtely the multinational of takeaway.

"The Easiest Way to Your Favourite Food"

DELIVEROO - Europe, Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore

One of the giants and leaders in food delivery. A wide network of all types of restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, ice-cream shops, you name it. Just pick the food and order it; they will deliver as fast as possible, wherever you need, to your door.

JUST EAT - Europe, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia

Another behemoth with a well-established presence in 13 countries. Just Eat operates as an intermediary for restaurants with delivery service, allowing customers to browse them per area and cuisine type, then consult the menu and finally place the order, all through an intuitive app that is easy and safe.

WOLT - Denmark, Scandinavia, Baltics

The best app to ride the wave of new Nordic cuisine or simply have your sandwich or salad watching the aurora borealis in the coziness of your heated room. Wolt offers a 360 service: once chosen cuisine style, restaurant and dish you can choose between delivery, pick-up or even eat on the premises. It is COOL! every sense.

OLIVIERA - Romania

What if you are on a romantic holiday in Bucharest or on a business trip in Timisoara, and in the evening you are too tired to go out dining ? That’s the solution. With an easy graphical interface and the geolocalization, Oliviera will allow you to browse the restaurant in your area offering delivery, place and pay your order. Sa aveti Pofta!

FEAST - London

Definitively the best choice for London night-lovers. Feast offers food delivery service overnight from 7pm to 5am. Digitizing your postcode, you will be redirected to the list of the restaurants available in your area, place your order and Feast drivers will deliver it to you. The only flaw is there is not yet an app.

GOOKERS - French Switzerland

Young but with already a great story, this smart app connects food professionals like restaurants, food trucks, cafes, bakeries, private chefs, you name it with good food lovers wishing to enjoy their takeaway meals in the office or maybe on the side of Lake Geneva .

"Gookers, the next door meals."


Already active in 18 Italian cities with a wide choice of restaurants offering all the cuisine type you may wish. Follow the usual procedure digit → browse - pick - place and then just wait the Food Racers guy to deliver your meal.

Please don’t forget the tip.

SOCIAL FOOD - Palermo Bari Catania

South Italy Power. With Social Food, it will not be a problem anymore knowing who prepares the best “pani ca meusa” (literally, bread with spleen ) in Palermo or the most tasting “strascenete cu li cim di rep” (homemade pasta with rapini) in Bari and have it delivered wherever you are. The only issue, not a small thing, it's available only in Italian for the moment.” Buon appetito, anyway.

DELIVERUM - Barcelona

What a pity the app is not yet available because the delivery service offered by Deliverum is really interesting: not only meals from restaurants but even pralines, cheese, jamon iberico and many other products from gourmet shops of the beautiful capital of Catalunya. Another reason to visit Barcelona.


Romanic, Arabian and English domination through the centuries. A mosaic of different cultures still appreciable today with the wide choice of restaurants offered by these Mediterranean islands. A wide choice that now is available on your phone with this brand new and valuable app. Your summer in Malta will have a brand new taste.

EAT TODAY - Cyprus

Same partner, same concept, same enthusiasm and same format of Time to Eat. Cyprus’s rush to become “ The next Ibiza” starts here; the best choice after a day of sunbathing or a crazy night of nightclubbing.

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